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    Since 1996 TELSTAR offers high quality analogue and state of the art digital equipment for all aspects of production – (music recording, mixing and mastering). Through this combination we achieve optimal sound quality and editing potential.
  • History
  • Equipment
    Trident 75 (28/24/24)
    Quested VS 2108
    Nubert nuWave 35
    Recording System & Software:
    Pro Tools HD 12 Ultimate
    Native Instruments Komplete 11
    M-Audio Keystation 88
    Waves Platinum Bundle
    Flux Session Bundle
    2x Neumann TLM-170
    Neumann UM 57 (Valve)
    Microtech Gefell M 990 (Valve)
    AKG C414 XLS
    AKG 451E
    2x Sennheiser MKH 435 t
    2x Sennheiser MD 421
    2x Sennheiser MD 441U
    EV-RE 20
    Shure Beta 52
    3x Shure SM 57
    5x Shure SM 58
    and others
    Compressors & Preamps & Misc:
    Vertigo VSC 2 Quad Discrete VCA Compressor
    Vertigo VSM 2 Mix Satellite
    Vertigo VSP 2 Dual Mic Preamp 1976
    2 x Telefunken V672 Mic Preamp
    A&D Compex 760-X RS
    TC Finalizer Multibandcompressor
    MXR Dual Limiter
    Symetrix 425
    2 x dbx 166
    Klark Teknik DN 27
    T.C.Electronics TC1220
    TLAudio Classic Valve EQ 1 + Mic Preamp
    Urei Stereo Transcription Preamp 1122
    Reverb & Delays:
    Ursa Major Space Station SST-282
    Lexicon PCM 70
    Dynacord DRP 20
    Roland Space Echo-Tape Delay RE-201
    Roland Chorus Echo-Tape Delay RE-501
    Lexicon LXP 15 II
    Roland SDE 2500 Delay
    Yamaha D 1500 Delay
    Fx’s & Pedals:
    Schaller Vibrato Pedal
    MXR Phaser Pedal
    Electro-Harmonics-Muff Fuzz+Wah Pedal
    2 x H&K Tubeman
    Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal
    Mam Vocoder VF 11
    Alesis Air FX
    Pearl Syncussion
    and others
    Amps & Instruments:
    Vox AC 50 Guitaramp-Top
    Marshall 4×10 inch Classic 1960 TV
    Laney VH 100R Guitaramp-Top
    Kitty Hawk Junior Guitaramp-Combo
    Dynacord BS 412 Bassamp-Combo
    Gretsch Guitar Historic Series
    Rickenbacker Guitar
    Squier Fender 1989
    Guild JF 4 NT
    Rickenbacker Bass 4001 S
    Framus Bass
    Korg CX 3 Organ
    Fender Rhodes ’73 Mk II
    Roland Juno 60
    Roland JV 1080 Expander
    + Synth Expansion board
    + Techno Expansion board
    Yamaha DX 27 Synth
    Stylophone 350s
    Upright Piano (Wilh. Rück.Nürnberg)
    Tape machines:
    Tascam ATR-60-16-Track 1″ Analog
    Otari MTR-12 1/4″ Analog
    Fostex D10 DAT-Recorder
    TEAC C 3 Tapedeck

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